Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy Week = Long Post

This week was very busy yet full of wonderful moments! First off last Sunday 6/14 Mathew got his first cousin on his dads side, Keegan Lyndon Wood. He is so tiny and sweet. Mathew gave him lots of hugs and kisses and enjoyed seeing all the family as always. We are very exited to watch him grow and I can't wait until he's big enough to play with Mathew. I have a feeling whether he's big enough or not Mathew will include him in playtime.

I also decided to try to give Mathew his first "official" haircut. I thought he looked adorable with his crazy long hair. It always made me smile. I got word that he kind of looked like an old man or Albert Einstein on the really crazy days, and I decided to stop being selfish and give him a haircut. After all, one day he could get pissed at me for letting him walk around looking like that! So what did I do.....I stuck him in his high chair, let him feed himself some apple sauce (which eventually got dumped on his head, by Mathew of course) made a couple cuts and here was the result :(

Now you would think I would have got the hint and stopped there.....Nope I butchered his hair. I couldn't really tell what kind of damage I had done because he's my baby and I think he's cute in the worst of situations...After I looked at my hack job and realized there's no way he can step foot out of our house looking like that, I went to the nearest Great Clips and got him a hair cut by a professional. He was a good sport for the nice lady who cut his hair. She was also very sweet not to judge my horrible attept at a haircut. Here is my new and improved young man. He instantly grew up before my eyes, new attitude and all! Here are a couple before and after pics where you can really see his wild hair.

Then Thursday was James' dad's birthday and we met the whole Wood family down at a restaurant on Tacoma's waterfront to celebrate. We love seeing family as much as we can and it's really hard to do since we live so far away...We always have such a great time. Everyone got to enjoy Mathews new attitude and thank goodness it usually doesn't last long. I always swore when I saw kids being naughty and throwing fits in public that "that would NEVER be my child"...Well that day has come and you know what, it is my child. It's totally my child and I just have to hope to god he gets over whatever he's freaking out about in a quick like matter. He's very sweet and fun and cute when he's in a good mood, so if you're around to see him freak out, I'm sorry and it will pass! Regardless of Mathews meltdowns, we had a wonderful time! The food was great, the company was as good as it gets and the view from where we sat was spectacular.

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to for Hunter, he's the son of Mathews babysitter Natalie. He turned 4! We had a really good time. Mathew was scared to death of the Sponge Bob bouncy house. I tried to get in with him and he almost had a heart attack so we stayed clear. He ran in and out of the house for about 3 hours laughing and playing with everyone and as soon as the meltdowns started we excused ourselves and went home to nap! I forgot to take pictures, even if I did happen to get one it would be one big blur! He didn't stop running for a minute. Needless to say we had a blast. Happy Birthday Hunter!

Last but not least, Happy Fathers Day Dads! We spent Sunday hanging out with James and relaxing at the house. Mathew has a lot of fun playing with his dad! They've been spending a lot of time together lately and Mathew just can't get enough! I wish I could be in Utah to give my dad a huge hug and kiss. I love you dad! You're an amazing dad and I love you! You're a wonderful grandpa too! XOXO.