Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mathew's Feeling 09'

Mathew has really "blossomed" per-say the last two weeks! A lot of my friends and family have told me funny stories about all the crazy mischievous things their kids did growing up! Well folks that day has finally come! Mathew is as busy as ever and has to be watched like a HAWK. It all started a week and a half ago when he followed me into the bathroom, when I left the room to grab something, by the time I got back...less than ten seconds later he had unrolled an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper! A new one too! I was so tired I just threw the unrolled TP in the garbage! I should have taken a picture, there will be a next time I'm sure.
That was just one story out of many! No matter what he does, I can't help but laugh it off! He's just so dang cute! I love him so much and cannot believe how big he's getting! This last year has gone by so fast! Mathew's birthday's coming up stay tuned for birthday pics

New High Chair

Mathew got a new high chair from Grandpa Dan and Amy and let me tell you...we L O V E it! It is the best high chair I've ever seen! It has a lot of awesome features like wheels, a removable tray for easy clean up and best of all it folds for storage! Our kitchen isn't the biggest so I wasn't sure where a new high chair would even go. Problem solved! We just fold it right up after Matty's done grubbing! I highly recommend this high chair for anyone who'll be purchasing one in the near future! Click here if you want to check it out HERE.
On another note.....I've been trying to introduce more food into Mathews diet and could use a few tips. I give Mathew juice in a sippie cup but he doesn't know how to suck the juice out, he just chews on the spout. How do you get your baby to learn to drink out of a sippie cup? And out of a straw for that matter?
Also, I've been giving him different foods lately and sometimes he chokes, not completely but enough to throw up all over the place. They were small bites but he's still learning how to chew. What's the best way to introduce more textured, chewable food to your baby???
Thanks again Dan and Amy for the high chair!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Madelyn Rose Odonnell-Hugo

My good friend Molly had her baby December 26, 2008. Madelyn is such a beautiful baby! She is so tiny and sweet! Molly is a wonderful mom! Savannah is exited to have her little sister here and I hear she's a big help! Congratulations Molly and Jason, we love you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas To All

James, Mathew and I had such a great Christmas...once we were able to leave our house!
We got stuck just as we were backing out Christmas Eve, I guess I forgot how compacted the snow was! That was it, we weren't going anywhere! James had to drive from his dads to our house with HORRIBLE roads and dig us out! We finally arrived at James' dads aka Grandpa Dan, just in time for dinner! It was so great to see everyone, I had no idea how much I missed them! A lot of the family hadn't seen Mathew since he was just a couple months old so it had really been a long time! Mathew had so much fun opening presents and being cute with everyone, we can't wait to see them again! He got some really cute outfits and A LOT of toys! James' Grandpa also made me an absolutely beautiful jewelry box, he does a lot of woodwork. I feel so special to have received one of his pieces!

Christmas morning we had a yummy breakfast with James' mom Linda aka Grandma Linda, Mathew really loves her sticky bread....sadly I do to! I contribute my Christmas weight gain to these. Thanks Linda! Mathew got a really cool train from Santa that he won't sit on but will push around all over the house. He got a bunch of other toys that are so fun! He has more toys than he knows what to do with, which is pretty great for me so I can get stuff done :) The rest of the day was very nice and relaxing. It was so wonderful to spend time with James' family, we really don't see them enough! That is definitely one of my New Years resolutions!

We had such a great Christmas, we were very spoiled. We're very grateful and feel truly blessed for all our wonderful families and love and miss you guys so much! We all hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2009 and what it will bring!