Monday, December 22, 2008

Ode To Julia

Julia called today and received her new mission calling! She will be leaving February 18, 2009 and heading to Hartford Connecticut for 18 months! This was the best picture I could find and it looks spectacular! I'm going to try really hard to get Mathew and I to Salt Lake for her farewell.

Julia has helped me out SO much over the last six months . I knew she would be a great nanny but I really had no idea what an impact she would have on us! Julia would play her guitar and sing for Mathew, dress him up in crazy wacky costumes and always made sure he ate all his fruits and vegetables! Even though I'd do just about anything to get her back here, I'm so happy she's taking this big step in her life! I know she'll be a wonderful missionary! Every time I ask Mathew "where's Julia?" he peeks his head around the corner to find her. Our home is definitely boring without her here, but I wish her the best!

Julia, you have no idea how much you've done for me, I can't imagine what our lives would be like without you! We will always remember all the fun times we had and can't wait to share more!!!! We miss you and love you a ton! We're so proud of you! Congratulations!

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

Finally thank goodness the snow stopped.....for now! I decided to venture out to go get the mail and drove to the end of our street and saw a car stuck in the snow ahead so I parked the car and walked. I was going to take my camera but forgot so the pictures you see are from my patio! It looks like I'll be spending another couple days at home, but I WILL drive down to Tacoma if it kills me for Christmas. The snow is so beautiful I had to post more pictures! This doesn't happen every day around here! Mathew isn't phased what-so-ever! He's enjoying playing with his toys and making messes all over our apartment!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow In Seattle!

Although it happens about twice a year, we're never ready for it and when it hits it pretty much shuts down the whole city! This was the best picture I could get because one, it's way too cold to walk far from my house and two I'm lazy and didn't even want to walk off my padio. So there you go! It's beautiful and I love it but it makes for really bad driving conditions. Being from Salt Lake I know how to drive in snow, however these roads are next to imposible to drive on! The only streets that are plowed are main highways! The side streets are covered with ice and until it warms up or you go pour sea salt-Molly that one is for you, outside on the ice it's not going anywhere. We have about 8 more inches coming our way so I'm looking forward to being stuck at home for two or three more days and am praying I can drive down south in time for Christmas!
Take a look see at the picture I've posted below. I managed to snap this as I was driving to my office yesterday and WOW is all I have to say! People really don't take precaution and take it slow when it's icy outside! If you can't tell what it is, it's two tour buses that went through a wall almost falling onto the major freeway I-5 in Seattle.

Christmas Decorations

This year I decided not to buy a tree. Mathew has me pretty busy as is, he goes 150 mph all over our house. Next year we will for sure get one! Our decorations are in one section of the house and so far it's working out great!
I got Mathew his first ornament on I have recently became addicted to this website! It's amazing! Mathew will get an ornament from James and I for Christmas every year!
I'm pretty much ready for Christmas to get here. Because of recent storms I have a feeling the gifts I've ordered for family and friends will not get here in time for Christmas. I wish everyone good luck who isn't quite ready! I look forward to talking to my family and friends on Christmas day! Mathew and I will be driving down to his dads Christmas Eve for a family party with his Grandpa Wood and Christmas day we will be at Mathews grandma Linda's! We always have a good time when we visit them so we're looking forward to it!

Merry Christmas!

Mathews New Room

As soon as Julia left we had an extra room so finally Mathew could have some privacy!!! Although we miss Julia like you wouldn't believe it's really nice to have Mathew in his own room. It took me all day to put it together but it's done and is working out great!

Home For Thanksgiving

Mathew, Julia and I traveled home to Utah for Thanksgiving. Julia stayed in Salt Lake as she will be serving an LDS mission as soon as she gets her new calling. Julia was Mathews nanny, he misses her like crazy. Anywho, we went to Salt Lake for about ten days, it was a really great trip. Mathew and I have gone to Salt Lake before when he was younger and it was a piece of cake! This trip was completely different! Mathew is set in his ways, he knows his bed, his "stuff", his nap schedule and his friends-Mom, Dad, and Julia. I now know when Mathew is without these things he becomes a stinker! On top of being out of his element, poor Mathew started getting his top front tooth so he was anything but pleasant for a few days! It's a good thing he's cute!
There were a few reasons this trip was monumental! Mathew met his uncle Mike for the first time and they became buddies! We also met Kale for the first time! And we said goodbye to Julia who has helped us out more than she'll ever know!

We enjoyed our time mostly kicking back and relaxing at Grandpa's house. Mostly because I was afraid if I took Mathew to see any of my other friends they would never talk to me again. JK, because of everything going on with Mathew we stuck close to my dads house. It was still so wonderful to see everyone and we can't wait to come back!

My Adorable Nephew Kale

I officially became an aunt on 9/19/2008. My nephew Kale is so adorable, I love him! He looks just like his mama! He has such a cute and sweet temperament. I recently went to Utah and met him and instantly fell in love! I hate that he and Mathew do not get to see each other often, I know they'll be best of friends as time goes on though. Marci and Keith are such great parents. I wasn't sure how it would be seeing my brother as a dad, but honestly it didn't even phase me!

I was lucky enough to be there for his blessing and it was beautiful! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family! I love this little guy so much and can't wait to see him grow up!

Mathew with One "T"

I always get asked why I spelled Mathew's name this way. When thinking of a name for Mathew I wanted something different, however, his dad did not...So one day I fell in love with the name Mathew and knew that I wanted it to be original. So I decided to be creative, not really, and spell it with one "T". I think it's great, BUT, it's spelled the other way all the time-ALL THE TIME! I usually just go with the flow when this happens. I should apologize to Mathew now for making this a lifetime issue for him!

So do I regret it....Some days yes! Like after having to re-do his birth certificate, health insurance cards, social security card etc . I think people think I'm slow or something when I write my sons name, "we'll just fix the mistake for her, why would anyone spell Mathew with one "T"???"

Honestly for those of you who've done it, and lets face it, you all have :) I still love you and I don't care. But it's Mathew.