Wednesday, May 27, 2009

*New House*

Hey everybody, you're looking at the two newest residents of Lake Stevens, WA. In October that is. I'm having a home built for Mathew and I, and it will be ready October 15th ish. I know all you Utah'ns who are reading this are cursing my name but if I didn't take advantage of these wonderful first time home buyer deals I would be forever mad at myself. The main reason's I'm buying a home:

I need a house
I'm sick of paying rent
I need a house!!!!

But honestly, the main reason is I want Mathew to have everything he wants and needs in his lifetime and I feel if I got a house that would open doors for me to invest in something huge and make a stable life for us. Since the house won't be ready until October I have plenty of time to save some money and feel out the situation. If it doesn't feel right in the end I just won't do it! Simple as that! If you'd like to take a peak at the floor plan click here. We're getting elevation B with an attached garage, if you really want to see the particulars. Feel free to share your comments, advice, upsets :) etc.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers Day this year was so wonderful. Mathew was being extra sweet which, is a huge plus now a days! We spent the afternoon with James' dad and their family. It was really nice to see everyone, it had been a while. Mathew had lots of cuddles for the family. James brother Daryl and his fiance Lacee are expecting a baby boy July 4Th so they also had a baby shower for her! I love baby showers, but they always make me baby hungry ughhh.
We then ventured over to James' aunts house where we hung out with his mom's side of the family. Mathew had a lot of fun playing with everyone. Then we went to James' house and we were surprised with a decorated house and gifts! It was such a very nice surprise! Mathew is very excited to start preparing for Fathers Day now!
I dressed Mathew in this adorable tie you'll see in the pictures below. James' cousin Carmen sent it to us after Mathew's first birthday and I just LOVE IT!!! Mathew brings me such joy, I couldn't imagine my life without him. Thank you for being the best baby you can be! I love you baby boy.

The Big "1"

Mathew had such a wonderful first birthday! He was a little scared of the cake at first but shortly there after went in for the kill! Mathew got a lot of really fun toys and spent some quality time with family. What more could any growing baby ask for?