Sunday, August 2, 2009

Newest Blue Angels Fan

Say hello to the newest Blue Angels Fan, Mathew! Seafair was this last weekend and James was gearing up all week to take Mathew to see the Blue Angels Airshow. If you've never heard of them and would like to know what I'm talking about click here. James first took me to Seafair when I was about 3 months pregnant and I remember the air show being so loud I was worried my sweet little Mathew was freaked out in the womb. I really thought for a minute I could be doing damage to my little fetus, then I did a quick scan of the people around me and realized I wasn't the only pregnant girl there....I then relaxed and enjoyed the show.

So this time around when James told me he wanted to take Mathew I panicked, Mathew gets scared when the landscapers come Wednesday and mow the lawns! I couldn't bare taking him to the show and watching him freak out....I begged and begged for James not to take him but James had his heart set on it so off they went. I'm a freak so the whole time they were gone I was wondering what could happen to them, what Mathew would be doing and how I wasn't there to comfort him. When they came home I was ready to hear all about it. I was preparing myself for a sad story and it was the exact opposite! Mathew had a blast. James said he sat in his lap and just watched them, he cried at the very end but mostly because he was being a stinker and James wouldn't let him run off. We're so happy Mathew handled the show as well as he did. When I say it's loud, it's LOUD!

Mathew has been spending a lot of time with his dad lately and he loves it! It's really nice for me to have a break to do things I need to do as well.


This month was AWESOME to say the least! I finally had my first friend come out and visit me!!! Sheila and I have known eachother since first grade! We've managed to stay in contact even though we haven't lived in the same state for at least 5 years! The picture above was taken a few years back when I went to visit her in Colorado.
Sheila and I had a BLAST while she was here. James was really sweet and hung out with Mathew pretty much the whole entire time she was here, so we were free to go and do whatever our little hearts desired. I totally felt like I was on vacation myself! The weather was perfect, nothing but sunshine the entire time! At that point it wasn't as hot as it's been lately so I was thrilled about the weather and almost didn't let her leave for fear of it changing....Fast forward to last week where record breaking heat hit Seattle and it was hot! There was little relief from the heat. Any who, back to mini "staycation"....I took Sheila to Pikes Place Market on a Sunday, since it was later in the afternoon we were able to talk to the guys at the fish market! If you ever want to go to Pikes Place and actually walk around, have room to breath and not feel totally claustrophobic I highly recommend going later in the day! We did a lot while she was here and I miss her like crazy! Mathew loved her to pieces as well, he always wanted to be around her and "help" her with whatever she was doing.
Good friends are hard to find, lucky for me I have the bestest friends a girl could ask for!